Before you can start using LABDESK you need to install the database and initialize the frontend application. To install the database it is recommended to use the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (MSSMS). Further download instructions are available here. The database structure is provided in the file named labdesk-lims.sql. You can open the file with MSSMS. The following video will show you how to perform the installation. Press the key F5 after running the script to refresh the tree view on the left side. If everything worked, the database labdesk will be displayed.

Once you have setup your database you can connect to it and start to intialize your LABDESK frontend application. This is done automatically when  your application is started the first time with the proper credentials. It is recommended to use the super admin credentials of your SQL server, but you can perform the intialization with any SQL Server user which is the database owner of the LABDESK database. During the initialization process the application file will be modified by internal scripts. If anything fails during intitalization then you need to use a fresh copy of it. The following video will show you how the initialization will take place.