Software & Hardware

Labdesk is a client/server application and therefore needs a software to access data (frontend) as well as a database (called backend) where data is stored. Both need to be installed and properly configured, the following section will advice you which software to use, where to download and which hardware configuration we recommend.


The labdesk frontend is based an Microsoft Access 64-bit and seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Office. For the best user experience we recommend to use the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 including the application Access. However the minimum requirement is the Microsoft Access runtime engine which can be downloaded here. The client performance shall comply with the latest requirements of your Microsoft Windows operating system.


Our lims is designed for multi user environments. To handle multiple concurrent connections and to store the data we use Microsoft SQL Server 2019. For testing and development purposes you can download a developer version here. The server should comply with the minimum requirements for Microsoft SQL 2019 Standard Server. However we recommend to use at least two CPUs and a minimum of 8 GB RAM.


To manage your installation of the Microsoft SQL Server it is recommended to use the SQL Server Management Studio which can be downloaded from Microsoft here.


Labdesk is capable of storing binary files in the database such as raw data, methods or pictures. We recommend to use a LAN connection with sufficient speed. The SQL server is recommended to be used in the local network, others might become a bottleneck. Labdesk is using scripts for statistical calculations and artificial intelligence, which will be compiled at runtime. Depending on the complexity of your data CPUs with high clock speed should be used. You should keep the CPU power in mind when configuring your Microsoft SQL Server licence.