Sample Matrix

With sample matrix you can define the specific quality of your sample, such as solid matter, liquid or emulsion for example. Sample matrix is available at the catalogs tab.

Manufacturer and Supplier

The manufacturer and suppliers catalogs are used e.g. at instruments. Suppliers can also be rated and a numerical value added to identify low performers. Both are available in the catalogs tab.


By pressing the button shown in the picture below you can start to create contacts which can be attributed to a customer. You can store informations about the address, billing, bank as well uploading a pictures of the contact and a signature.    


With Customer you can organize the relevant informations to manage your customers. Each customer can have multiple contacts. Each contact having an e-mail address will receive laboratory reports. By clicking the customer ID you can configure the detailed information. It is very convenient to start with the datasheet and just put in the most basic ... Weiterlesen ...