Priority is used to prioritize samples and projects which can be used as groups for filtering.


Technique is used to group Analysis Services such as elemental analysis or gravimetry.

Instrument Types

Instrument Types are used to group instruments of different kind such as LC, GC or ICP-OES. These groups are used afterwards at Instrument to e.g. filter records.    


Material is used to manage your catalog of raw materials such as chemicals or any consumables. Materials are used in Storage where you can define a specific place and amount of storage. In the following video it is shown how Material can be used and configured. You can upload files to describe the material used ... Weiterlesen ...


A batch is used to group samples for a specific purpose. The reason for grouping a sample can be to attribute them to a specific project, or handling testing plates.    


With sample container you can define the type of containers to house your samples. Container types are used in analysis request for example.

Sample preservation

Sample preservation is used to identify the way how a sample is or needs to be handled in the lab. You can describe the way of preservation, such as inert atmosphere or x-ray stabilization.

Sample condition

Sample condition is ment to describe the condition, such as fresh, used or distilled. Conditions are used in analysis requests for example to describe the sample.

Sampling point

Sampling point can be used to define globally available sampling points or customer specific ones. A customer specific sampling point is only selectable when the specific customer is selected, whereas global available sampling points are selectable everywhere.

Sample type

Sample type is used to identify the kind of sample provided, such as water, soil or tissue for example. Sample type is available at the tab catalogs.