Success Stories

How Companies Use Labdesk

With more than 1000 active users, LABDESK is our most successful LIMS since 2020. Our software is used in a variety of different laboratories. At this point we do not want to present you with boring logos, but rather enable our valued customers to tell their own personal success stories and experiences with the implementation and use of LABDESK LIMS.


Michael S.

We are an environmental company and successfully use Labdesk to digitize our labs. From the first moment everyone in the lab was excited about the Microsoft Office like interface. Labdesk is easy to implement, easy to use in our daily routine, and highly accepted.


Annika W.

Many thanks to the entire Labdesk team for helping us to implement Labdesk on time and on budget in our chemical company. The workshop was very helpful for us to understand how easy it can be to implement a complex laboratory software. We never thought it could be so much fun to work together as a team using agile project management methods to tailor a Lims to our needs. Labdesk has been very well received by the team and we really enjoy working together.


Christian B.

We are a testing company for food and beverages and have had our own experiences with Lims systems in the past. After a long search for a more modern Lims, we found Labdesk and can now keep up with our competitors again. A key factor is being able to respond quickly to customer requirements with a Lims that is easy to configure. With Labdesk, we have found a system that is highly customizable, scalable and easy to learn due to its Microsoft Office-like look and feel. It is so easy and convenient to exchange and edit data between Excel and Labdesk. We would like to thank Labdesk for their support and look forward to working with them in the future.


Ricardo V.

It was a pleasure working together with the team of Labdesk from the first beginning, till implementation and also right now after launching the Lims. The whole team had a lot of fun in the workshop learning how to “lims”. During the implementation and testing phase it was a pleasure exchanging ideas over the perfectly designed online platform for an agile project management. Labdesk is highly accepted in our laboratory and we would never hestitate working together again.