SQL Server setup

A comprehensive installation guide of Microsoft SQ Server is available on the internet on the Microsoft homepage. During the installation procedure you will be able to choose between different installation options. We recommend to use the following configuration options:

  • Named instance to explicitly connect to the server of choice.
  • Mixed authentication to manually control access to you local database. Mixed authentication also can be used for higher security. Ask our service team for further informations about mixed authentication an application secrets.
  • Machine learning services and python are used and need to be installed as dependencies

To properly connect clients to the SQL server instance the relevant TCP port needs to be configured. An installation guide is available here. The simplest way is to open TCP port 1433 and 1434 in the last section under IPAll. Experienced users may prefer other configuration alternatives which can not be covered here to full extend. Furthermore those ports need to be opened in the firewall of the server so that clients connect to them. A guide to configure the firewall is available here.